I'm a writer.

Now, I could brag about my skills. I could use pretentious terms like "wordsmith" or "the Michael Phelps of a turning a phrase" or "the unholy spawn of Hemingway and Shakespeare," but I'll leave that to a million other copywriter portfolios. 

One of the oldest rules in writing is "Show, don't tell." So let me show you. Take a look at the stuff I've done for fun and for a living, and see what I can do for you.  

Praise from others


"Ryan is a formidable talent in the copywriting world. He has the rare ability to write both long form and short copy with ease and his ability to capture the right voice for the brand is always spot on. Plus, I've always appreciated his ability to think conceptually to deliver the best creative product. I would jump at the chance to work with him again."

—Ryan Anderson, creative director, Fluid Advertising


"Ryan is the kind of writer everyone hopes to have on their staff. His writing is tight, focused, entertaining and just plain fun to read. He's a versatile writer who is as comfortable writing a solemn tribute as he is a snarky film review, and he self-edits with the shrewdness of a lifelong copy editor. I don't know how he keeps writing without running out of ideas, but I'm so glad he does." 

—Breanna Olaveson, president, Moxie Freelance


"Arr—Ryan’s ditties be like a mermaid's song to me old ears, and curse me to Davy Jones’s locker if this yeasty old codpiece didn't shed a tear or two."

—Captain Edward "Blackbeard" Teach, nautical expert and gold appraiser


"Ne'er had I such bounteous prose beheld, ere these eyes and ears first tasted the vaunted fruit of noble Ryan’s pen.”

—William Shakespeare, playwright and two-time Dancing With the Stars finalist


"Ryan is the most talented writer alive."

—Ryan's mom

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